VCE Continues to Demonstrate Solid Momentum

VCE remains the vendor that, when I mention their name, the lights go on and people seem to get the value of ICPs (integrated computing platforms). While many vendors are participating in this market, VCE’s early market presence and leadership continues to build momentum amongst the industry and its customers.

VCE's most recent announcement was packed with momentum and further validation of the areas of focus they spoke of in 1H2013. These new announcements include:

  • vBlocks: New vBlock 340 with EMC Next Gen VNX & a specialized system vBlock for high performance databases (well timed for the 60,000 attendees at Oracle Open World 2013)
  • Vision 2.5 improvements with additional integration with VMware and tied into Cloud Accelerator Services
  • Go to Market Partners: Expanded programs and increased incentives

The additional vBlocks keep rounding out the system offerings filling in any gaps VCE may have had in its portfolio. The amplified focus on Vision gets super interesting when you start to peel back the individual contribution VCE is adding to the solution. These include table stakes health monitoring and extend nicely into some more difficult areas with push button patches.

I was hoping to see more about VCE’s networking progress considering the attention networking received at VMworld this year. This will be important for VCE to communicate to its customers and perhaps even more interesting from an industry perspective to watch how they balance across the VMware and Cisco relationships.

Topics: Storage IT Infrastructure Networking Cloud Services & Orchestration