VeeamON 2019

VeeamON just started in Miami (about 2000 in attendance) with a number of announcements that will get the industry's attention - not surprisingly, some might add, because it's Veeam.  

Veeam has had a meteoric rise in the past few years - only 6 years ago when they were at $50 million in revenue, they predicted they'd be a $1 billion company by 2018 - well... they were off by only a half year on their ambitious prediction on a trailing basis, said bright green sneaker-wearing co-founder and EVP Ratmir Timashev. Veeam is not only over the $1billion bookings mark, and are reporting 350,000 customers, adding  4,000 new customers a month.


The company also announced a new program to further its ecosystem and expand its market reach:  the “with Veeam” program. Solutions have already been announced with ExaGrid and Nutanix (we covered this news in the last blog). I expect this program to only expand in the next few months and years. Veeam is clearly switching GTM gears with this strategic program, as they leave the $1 billion mark in the rear-view mirror and focus on their next growth phase. Remember that Veeam also has a well-developed channel (including service providers) and distribution apparatus.  

On the technology/product side, Veeam just announced a new version of their Veeam Availability Orchestrator (v2). The latest version expands its orchestration and automation capabilities to a broader set of applications and VMs. Of note: no more reliance on replication for DR, backups can now be used (less costly and simpler), workflows, automation, and many other improvements that make the product not only more mature but also sets it up for further differentiation. Danny Allen, who runs products at Veeam, is positioning this solution as an angular piece to get not only to the next levels of recoverability - "Democratized Recovery" - but also to further business use of the data, such as dev ops, security, etc. 

Stay tuned for more coverage of VeeamON 2019...

Topics: Data Protection