Veeam's Cloud Program Celebrates 10 Years

cloud-infrastructureVeeam's maniacal focus on channel has paid off handsomely through the years. What is even more remarkable is how much has changed in what used to be a very traditional 2-tier distribution channel with VARS and integrators in the same 10-year timeframe. The ability of Veeam to help partners evolve to successfully adopt and make money with cloud technologies while avoiding disintermediation has been key in my opinion. 

Having a strong program that educates, supports, and offers the right marketing and sales incentive programs is what it takes, as long as it is done with consistency, regular adjustments, and powerful tools. I have spent many years on the vendor side directly and indirectly supporting channel teams and channel program development. It's hard. It takes commitment and creativity. It takes great execution. Look no further to understand why Veeam is a powerhouse and has done so well. In the space of data protection, I often say that you lose or win in the channel. Our extensive data protection and channel research confirms it.  

The announcement this week is also significant with the release of a tool/console that embodies the execution and commitment I refer to: the Veeam Service Provide Console V4. I have had the opportunity to review its capabilities and features and there's no question it is very powerful, allowing cloud service provider partners to easily build what they need for their customers, and scale their business without spending hours trying to figure complex pricing or configurations.  

In today's new and fluid world, having a strong and well-enabled channel will really help weather the storm. 

Topics: Data Protection