Veritas has a Singular Vision....(includes video)

 Veritas_Vision_Peters_Yuen.jpgIn line with the convenient Latin root of its name, Veritas demonstrated that it was holding true to its established vision, at its equally-conveniently-named Vision conference last week.

What “truths” were there? On the entertaining side of things we learnt from Lynn Lucas (CMO) that humans have way more than five senses, that Mike Palmer (CPO) remains a wonderful stage storyteller (in this instance with a Dystopian IT future pastiche), and that guest-speaker Richard Branson – following on from the awful recent hurricanes – has not prioritized buying new socks!

On the serious side of things (and yes, all the above folks had pointed messages too!) Bill Coleman (CEO) reminded us that while the financial thesis for the separation of Veritas from Symantec was, essentially, based on data protection (largely NetBackup), nonetheless the future opportunity for Veritas is squarely around a more homogenous orchestration of heterogeneous data (whether such heterogeneity be by type, place, scale, device or whatever).

To give a succinct summary of what we think this all means for the company and for customers, my colleague Edwin Yuen and I pulled together a short video at the event.

Edwin also added some additional thoughts in his blog. For my part I’ll add that the “multi-cloud” world that now gets talked of (more than just “hey, do you use the public cloud?”) is really only going to be as good as the glue/lubricant that both binds it yet also allows for movement. Without those elements it will simply be multiple individual clouds….which, frankly, is just déjà vu multiple silos; only this time most of them would be outside your premises.

That’s not really much progress….unless it can become optimized, dynamic and integrated: And verily that is where Veritas wishes to play, and where it has abilities and opportunities aplenty.       

Topics: Storage