Video Blog: The Demand for Hybrid Online File Sharing Solutions

As part of my coverage of the file storage space, I always get asked whether those responsible for file sharing solutions within their organization are really comfortable moving their organization’s file data into the cloud. I’ve had plenty of anecdotal discussions that show me that some are, some are not. And comfort level with the cloud does not necessarily fall down the lines of regulated versus non-regulated environments. I’ve spoken to IT managers in regulated environments that are in or moving to the cloud, and non-regulated that are keeping data on prem.

So late last year we set out to research the topic and get some answers specific to the online file sharing (OFS) and collaboration world. We surveyed 334 North American IT professionals representing small (20 to 99 employees), midmarket (100 to 999 employees), and enterprise-class (1,000 employees or more) organizations to find out about their organizations’ usage of, interest in, and opinions regarding OFS services and deployment model preferences. All respondents were personally responsible for evaluating, purchasing, or managing information technologies needed to store, access, and share company documents and files for their organizations.

I was somewhat surprised by the answers we found. The most surprising bit of data was the significant pent up demand for hybrid solutions among those organizations who’ve already adopted cloud-based OFS services. We also saw significant interest in deployment models other than purely cloud-based for those planning to deploy OFS within the next few years.

So, are organizations comfortable moving their file data into the cloud? Some, in fact many, are. But most want to have a choice of where their data lives so they can pick and choose what data is stored in the cloud and what data stays on prem. That makes sense: a whopping 90% of companies have restrictions regarding data that can be stored in the cloud.

Watch the video to learn more. Those of you with ESG accounts can get a deeper dive into the demand for hybrid solutions among current cloud OFS users in this brief, or deeper details on the entire research project in the full report.

Topics: Storage IT Infrastructure