Violin Refines its Pitch to "Software Major" (includes video)

While it's always tempting to use some musical reference when talking about Violin (and I make no apologies for doing so in my blog title or the video blog below) I was struck by a different metaphor when speaking with CEO Kevin Denuccio recently. His office looks straight at the new home of the 49ers, Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara. Imagine a football team that only played either offense or defense?! That was almost the Violin story early on - it was a perfomance value proposition and not a lot else. But winning requires playing both sides of the ball....and now Violin has rounded out and extended its software data services offerings so as to field a balanced team. Take a look at this video blog to get a quick idea of what's changed:


Of course, with things like its custom hardware ("VIMM"s rather than standard SSDs) and integrated orchestration, one might say that Violin also has credible special team and kicking games....but that might be taking the sports comparison a step too far! That said, Violin and its owners will not care whether we commentators talk about storage blocking and tackling or revert to assertions about it making data harmonies; it simply hopes that its - now complete - "flash storage platform" offerings will return its corporate trajectory up-and-to-the-right!       

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