Virtualization Computing Infrastructures Poised for Change

It is true that IT shops will continue to grapple with assimilating legacy applications and systems within their virtual computing infrastructures. However, I got a sneak preview of the 2012 IT Spending Intentions data from the ESG Research team, which indicates that IT organizations will focus future hardware purchases on integrated computing platforms. ESG asked IT organizations their current and preferred virtualization infrastructure model and unveiled a key evolution that is taking place. DIY is currently the predominant deployment model with 46% of respondents indicating that it is their current virtualization infrastructure model, but the interest in integrated solutions is on the rise as IT vendors build awareness and business learn the potential benefits.

As a response to this elevated market interest and transition to integrated computing platforms, ESG published our latest Market Landscape Report: Virtual Computing Infrastructures: The Movement Toward Integrated Computing: The Foundations for Cloud.

The report is available to premium subscribers at the ESG website.

IT is at a tipping point as more organizations consider investing in this new consumption model. This report helps to identify:

  • The key benefits and driving factors of virtual computing infrastructures
  • The primary challenges and concerns surrounding virtual computing infrastructures
  • Tips for IT to use to help decide when to make a shift to a virtual computing infrastructure
  • Approaches for making an educated investment that fulfills short-term growth requirements and accommodates long-term IT strategies
  • Potential vendor solutions

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