VMware Builds Bridge to Cloud with DynamicOps

DynamicOps, originally spun out of Credit Suisse’s IT unit in ’08, is a Massachusetts-based cloud service provider that specializes in cloud automation solutions for managing IT services across hybrid environments. These environments include: VMware-based public and private cloud, physical infrastructures, multiple hypervisors, and Amazon Web Services.

The acquisition further enhances VMware's value proposition to service providers with heterogeneous hypervisor—and ultimately cloud—platform solutions. DynamicOps enables VMware to expand support beyond the development and delivery of software utilized only for its own cloud platform – hmmm -- if they do this, things could get interesting, quickly. I’m thinking primarily about the prospect of partnering with Amazon… I’m not sure Azure will make the initial list.

DynamicOps represents a nice complement to VMware’s existing cloud management packages by broadening support for cloud environments. For customers whose requirements extend beyond VMware-only environments, DynamicOps builds on the capabilities of vCloud Director by enabling customers to consume multi-cloud resources across various vendor environments. This allows VMware to share a compelling heterogeneous story with its customer—I suspect they are asking for it!

Topics: Cloud Services & Orchestration