VMware = Identity. Who Knew?

That's a good question actually. How many people know that VMware is in the identity business? With the announcement of Horizon today, VMware makes a solid entree into the identity market with a solution that ties together their core strength, virtualization, with the emerging trends around cloud and mobile devices.

Every IT organization looking at cloud applications and the invasion of mobile devices is struggling with how to deliver applications to users combining the best value with security across a wide array of endpoints. Ugh.

VMware saw this challenge with its own customers. While companies were looking at VDI for their applications, they also wanted the flexibility to choose cloud. But, how do you deliver that mix of desktop, client/server, and cloud applications seamlessly to a PC, tablet or smartphone? VMware knew that the only way they would pull this off was to leverage the one constant across all those applications, and that was identity. Still it's no small feat. VMware's first attempt at this new frontier looks promising. But, the advantage they have is the virtualization play. The end game for IT is that users can access applications from a VDI infrastructure, SaaS app, or locally without knowing, or caring, which it is. And, using identity to create policies, IT can decide which applications users can access based on location and device.

Any organization looking to extend their IAM strategy to the cloud may want to start looking at VMware as a player in that mix.

Topics: Cybersecurity