VMware Operations Transformation Services

I have written an ESG brief on VMware's Operations Transformation Services.  u29696-full.pngThe brief is available to ESG subscription clients only, but I have summarized a few points below.

These are professional services that are especially useful for adopting new technologies that require changing the way IT operations are traditionally performed. Such new technologies include products like VMware NSX (network virtualization), which can encounter a challenge for successful deployment if traditionally separate teams such as networking and the server virtualization teams do not collaborate properly.

 The operations transformation services are especially useful for customers who seek to:

  • Transform a combination of people (the organization), the operating model, and the application of VMware technologies to increase business value and optimize VMware technology investment within VMware supported environments.
  • Adopt VMware technologies that require changing operational processes, such as software-defined data centers or hybrid cloud technologies, which include vCloud Air (public), vCloud Air Network (managed), and on-premises clouds.
  • Create a modern SDDC to support a combination of traditional applications and modern cloud applications.

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