VMworld 2014: Top Questions ESG Analysts Hope to Have Answered

This will be my 9th year in a row attending VMworld! The event always proves to be a great display of end-user passion that is driving towards new innovation and IT vendors displaying their latest products, solutions, and services. I recently asked the ESG team attending the event if there was anything they planned to track closely or questions that they hoped to get the answers to and here is what they shared:

Terri McClure-Storage & Online File Sharing

  • How the Airwatch integration is progressing, how much traction Secure Content Locker is getting, and how VMware will position/sell Secure Content Locker versus EMC’s Syncplicity.
  • We’ve also been hearing tremendous interest in software-defined storage (SDS) from end-users – so I look forward to talking to so many VMware end-users and storage vendors in one place to hear how SDS plans are progressing, concerns around deploying SDS, and how much traction VSAN is getting versus competitive products.

Bob Laliberte- Networking

  • Looking forward to hearing details regarding NSX customers (VMware now claims 100 paying customers and run rate of 100 million). Should be able to get some good details and trends of who and why they are buying. Also looking forward to hearing about any progress towards visibility with underlay - #DRSforNetwork.

Mark Bowker- Cloud Computing & Enterprise Mobility

  • How does VMware plan to grow and protect its existing footprint while leading its customers and partners towards new cloud consumption models and any potential net new opportunities with end-user computing solutions?
  • How front and center will VMware partners be with converged/ integrated/ engineered IT infrastructure solutions for on-premises private cloud environments and web scale opportunities? What exactly is “Marvin” and what will it equate to with technology partners? Are attendees going to drown in “software-defined” everything?

Jason Buffington- Data Protection

  • How are the backup and storage vendors going to continue to evolve their solutions so that data protection is more of a collaborative partnership between the virtualization administrator who understands the needs of the VMs and the backup/storage administrators who can facilitate the data protection mechanisms?
  • What do virtualization administrators want in backup/storage enablement – self-sufficiency in data protection, assurance of backups with self-initiated restores, or ______?

Mark Peters- Storage

  • As the more traditional storage systems market appears to be getting more challenging in general, it will be good to hear not just how, where, and why VMware believes it is having success with such things as VSAN, but also how its plans to extend that kind of ability are progressing - not just in terms of scale and function, but also in terms of integration (presumably?) with the broader EMC's software-defined endeavors.

Kevin Rhone- Channel & GTM

  • What will the impact of the new cloud consumption model be on traditional VMware data center-focused solution providers? Who will win, and who will be left behind?
  • What changes will VMware make to support its channel partners (and ensure they come along for the ride) during the difficult transition to its new strategic direction (SDDC+EUC/Mobility+Hybrid Cloud)?

Scott Sinclair- Storage & Data Protection

  • How is VMware weaving together the positioning of VSAN with the stories of their storage partners who are in the midst of VVOL integration work?
  • Looking to hear from VMware customers to gather impressions on VSAN and understand how they see it fitting in their environments.

On behalf of the entire ESG team, we hope to see you at VMworld 2014 and please feel free to contact any of us with questions, research inquires, or to simply say hi and catch up with friends.

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