Looking forward to VMworld 2016

vmworld 2016 previewI will be visiting VMworld in Las Vegas next week, along with many other ESG staff. Here are my thoughts on what we may see and what matters:

VMworld 2016 in Las Vegas promises to be an event where we see VMware make proclamations of how it continues to evolve in a changing world. When we get to see previews of technologies that may be productized, we await the following year to see whether those ideas have turned into products or remain in the research stage.

This year, we look forward to seeing how far the concept of NSX Everywhere has progressed, and what new technologies are coming out of the Cloud Native team, such as follow-ons to vSphere Integrated Containers and the Photon Platform.

The VMware Research Group is also a great team to pay attention to. Although research papers are readily available in conference proceedings, connecting with their members at VMworld is good, since they have a booth with a poster session where you can talk directly to computer scientists and researchers who worked on these projects. If concepts related to CMPLAT (Clustered Management PLATform) for SDN control are shown, I’ll look forward to it. I’m also interested in Corfu (a cloud scale consistency platform), as it has earned many publications in various computer science conferences.

Of course, there are many VMware partners & vendors exhibiting there, and companies ranging from Rackspace, NetScout, Silver Peak, Cloud Physics, Spirent, A10, Big Switch Networks, Extreme Networks, VeloCloud and Red Hat are a sampling of those I will meet or visit.

See you in Las Vegas.

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