VMworld - Digital, but as Big and Real as Ever (Video)

Like so many industry and vendor events so far in 2020 (and no doubt like many more for a good while yet), VMworld was presented digitally this year. That significant change did not however affect its scale, whether measured by ambition, breadth of coverage or likely impact. What's become increasingly significant about VMware's event over the years is that it has become ever-more both a vendor event and an industry event rolled into one. And of course that means getting one's commentary arms (so to speak) wrapped around it in any succinct fashion is nigh-on impossible. So, in this video, I am joined by my colleagues Doug Cahill, Bob Laliberte, and Christophe Bertrand to discuss a select few areas - security, networking, and data protection - while other aspects of the VMware/world ecosystem are covered in other ESG blogs and research.              

Topics: Cybersecurity Data Protection Networking