Was ‘Better’ Cybersecurity the Promise or the Premise at RSA 2019? (Includes video)

This year’s RSA mega-conference in San Francisco seemed intent to add some silver linings to not only the grey clouds that hung over the city last week, but also to the incessant news cycle that suggests bad actors in the security space are always and inevitably one step ahead of the good guys.
If the energy, investments, and enthusiasm that were on display at the Moscone Center can be even somewhat matched by efficient adoption and effective execution, then it seems as if this is a war - now that we as a society, and not just as an IT industry, are fully awakened to it - that can be won. Enough. Sometime. 
Will we still lose battles in the meantime? For sure: one senses that was why the chosen theme at the event was indeed ‘Better’ and not ‘Best’! But there are shafts of sunlight....to detail some of them here’s ESG’s On Location summary video with commentary from my many colleagues at the event.

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