Welcome to the Cloudy Enterprise

Hello there! If you haven’t heard, I’m the newest analyst at ESG focusing specifically on cloud, IT-as-a-Service (ITaaS), and the software-defined data center (SDDC). My bio’s listed on the site or you can find me on Linkedin as well so I won’t bore you with those same details.

Instead I’d like to share some other thoughts about where I’d like to take the blog and why I named it the way I did. So first, the name – I think the theme that is starting to really permeate the cloud world finally is enterprise. By enterprise I mean companies with 100-1000 employees or so and their adoption (rate, barriers, challenges, etc.) of cloud computing. In terms of where I’d like to take the blog – well, that one is easy. Wherever I want! Seriously, I just want to explore many of the topics that are being talked about by the customers.

For example – what are the barriers today for the cloud? Security, maybe, maybe not! I’ll probably be a bit contrarian on that one. How about application migration? Or have all the enterprises figured out how to easily just invoke a magic P2V wand that lets the apps work without rewriting in the cloud?

Other topics will tie to some of the research I’m doing. For example I’m doing research on a few cloud fronts now – specifically looking at cloud service providers from a landscape perspective. Are all CSPs the same? What makes them different? Is there a nice logical way to categorize them by type?

And then there are the fun discussions with my opinions about what I think about all the different moving parts, people and companies in the cloud that make up the various eco-systems, and how they are evolving. Some of it is connecting dots, some of it is understanding the gamesmanship, and some of it is reading the tea leaves. No matter what, I find it all fascinating.

Take care and talk to you soon!


Topics: Cloud Services & Orchestration