Video: What Drives IT Complexity


ESG surveyed 651 global technology decision makers in our annual 2018 IT Spending Intentions Survey.

In this video, I highlight some of the results most relevant to networking and cloud platforms.

As part of the research, we asked respondents to identify the factors driving IT complexity. Three responses were accepted, and the top responses were:

  1. Larger data volumes
  2. Increase in the number and types of endpoint devices
  3. Increase in the number and types of applications
  4. The need to use both on-premises and public cloud providers

If you look at some of these items, we can draw direct connections from these factors to a specific rise in the interest in infrastructure, such as SD-WAN for networking.

SD-WAN allows organizations to deal more easily with:

  • Increasing amounts of data (i.e., video access on network).
  • Increasing amounts of endpoint devices (steering the right data from the right devices to the right destination).
  • Increasing amounts of apps (again, identifying applications that go to the cloud vs. those that go only to the data center).
  • Increasing use of SaaS from cloud providers.  

You can also draw a connection between the complexity that organizations are dealing with and the adoption of cloud computing platforms.

Watch the video for more details. 

Topics: Networking Cloud Services & Orchestration