What Not To Do in E-mail Protection – part 1 of 5 (Monday)

John (not his real name) logged in Monday morning to find that several of his mail folders had far less stuff in them. In fact, in very small font, he discovered his Outlook now showing “Global Retention Policy = 6 months” … and yes, everything older than six months was now in a very archaic e-mail archiving service that was long since presumed retired.

To be clear, I am a fan of archiving, when done properly—and am against any IT process that isn’t.

I’ve been a “Data Protection Dude” for 25 years … not just as a marketer, but as a systems engineer, a product manager, and other types of hands-on operator. In fact, on almost any day, I still run 2 or 3 separate data protection products in my home office. Yes, this makes me a geek—but I hope that it also gives me some additional empathy that perhaps adds value to you, the readers. Some of my best “learning moments” happened when I was testing products on my home servers—others come from bad experiences from friends of mine, who will remain nameless to protect their guilt.

With that in mind, here is A Case Study in What Not To Do in E-mail Management:

Over this week, I’m going to unpack how many things were wrong with clicking that one little checkbox: 

Lesson 1 (Tuesday) – “Change Control” and simple little checkboxes … aka Before you do anything, back it up!

Lesson 2 (Wednesday) – Why Use Archive-as-a-service for E-mail-as-a-service (Office365)? Really, why would you?

Lesson 3 (Thursday) – Never Change the User Experience … aka Don’t use junky services

Lesson 4 (Friday) – The Business Impact of Not Following Lessons 1 through 3

I hope you enjoy the blogs this week … hopefully more than John and his IT guy did.

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