What to Watch About Systems Management & DevOps @ VMworld 2017

system-management.jpgIt's always an exciting time as we start looking at the end of summer and the approach of VMworld. This year will be 10 years since I went to my first VMworld. I've seen VMworld grow massive over the years and shift venues back and forth from San Francisco to Vegas, back to SF, then back to Vegas. I know I'll always miss Cannes, although the Palais des Festivals wasn't the roomiest venue. The show is now tougher for me as my kids are now going to school and I have to miss the first day of the year.

Still, VMworld is one of the most exciting shows of the year, not only because of what VMware has to present but also the news and announcements from the entire ecosystem. Being a veteran VMware observer, I want to highlight a couple key areas to keep an eye out for when you attend the show.

  • How is VMware positioning itself with respect to cloud and digital transformation? - This is almost a yearly watch now but I have been particularly impressed by VMware's transformation from a virtualization company to a digital technology company, covering everything from virtualization to hybrid cloud and management to mobility to DevOps. If anything, I don't think that VMware gets enough credit for the transformation it has made. VMware is often caught between being very forward looking with its efforts while simultaneously not isolating the part of its customer base that is still virtualization focused. It's a fine line that VMware has to walk but it's a necessary one to continue its transformation.
  • Will VMware announce any acquisitions? - VMware has long been a company that has acquired new and compatible technologies, like many large IT vendors. The big difference is that VMware's acquisitions are often in areas that are only tangentially related to its existing offerings, which means that the acquisitions show future directions for VMware. Also, VMware, better than almost any other large IT vendor, does an extremely good job with the integration and maximization of new acquisitions. This means customers will see the benefits or new capabilities in months, not years. Thus, any new acquisitions will give great insights into the future path for VMware and its transformation.
  • Where is vRealize and VMware management heading? - Ever since the vRealize suite was announced many years ago, everyone expected it to become a virtualization management platform. Today, the vRealize family of products is much broader than virtualization management. This includes the natural progression from virtualization management to cloud management, but VMware has added capabilities such as cross-platform hypervisor support, public cloud management, and new functions such as vRealize Business, vRealize Code Stream, and WaveFront. I expect to hear more about how VMware will position itself in management across its platforms.

I'll be at VMworld, watching over all the announcements, going to sessions, and walking the show floor. Keep an eye out for my tweets from @Edwinyuen as well as more blogs from the show. And if you see me on the show floor, stop and say hi. I always love hearing from different perspectives.  See you at the show!!


Topics: VMworld Cloud Services & Orchestration