What Users Tell Infrastructure Vendors in Recent ESG Research (Video, Part 2 of 2)

Mark_Peters_Infrastructure.jpgIf the words that follow seem more than a tad familiar to those of you that saw the first installment on this topic,  I am thrilled that you pay such close attention!

Every year, ESG’s IT spending intentions survey provides a broad look at the key themes and tides in the contemporary IT world. Its sheer breadth is certainly fascinating for practitioners and purveyors of IT alike. Anyone can access the abstract here, while ESG subscription clients can obviously enjoy the entire report.

The immense breadth of the data can become somewhat beguiling in and of itself, so in a pair of ESG Video Capsules, I want to parse out a few key research nuggets and expand on what they mean for infrastructure vendors. Part 1 was posted last week (the link was given above) and here, as promised, is Part 2. The intent of these brief pieces is to outline colloquially and briefly what certain findings from that ESG research mean for the infrastructure vendor community: The first video covered cybersecurity and the cloud; this second one looks at the top business initiatives driving IT investment, as well as the extent of user movement into the Internet of Things and where those users turn for help....both areas reveal important lessons for the infrastructure vendor community; lessons that, as with those in the first installment, seem simple-bordering-on-obvious, but lessons that vendors ignore all too often.

Thanks for watching.

Topics: Storage Internet of Things IT Infrastructure