Who Can Design and Deploy Big Data Initiatives?

No doubt big data is experiencing massive growth today. A soon-to-be published ESG research survey of IT decision makers has found more than half of respondents will be increasing their spending by 11-30% over last year. There are many reasons why this is happening with tangible benefits applicable to most lines of business across industries. So, good news as big data initiatives gain momentum in 2014!

My question is “who’s going to do the work?” We have seen a steady gap for those with skills in the areas of business intelligence, analytics, and databases, even as more newly minted data scientists hit the hot job market, the demand for their talents keeps increasing.

This suggests a couple of possible strategies for companies to take:

  • Look for products, platforms, and appliances that simplify the learning curve

(36% say training and skills development is a top priority)

  • Look for cloud offerings that offload the operational admin requirements

(44% say they will be using cloud-based big data offerings within 5 years)

  • Look for vendors, systems integrators, and resellers with practices to help plan and roll out

(24% say they want to contract the expertise from outside)

The last point is a particularly interesting one, Channelnomics has just called out this opportunity in a nice piece here.

The second piece of good news is that all of these approaches are being chased by various big data vendors. They recognize the value proposition for a rapid growing market, and are now trying to ride the tornado to capture market share. Some, like Pivotal for example, are tackling all three of these simultaneously.

Customers will benefit. Each of the models above has its own pros and cons, but having the choices and the suitors will ease the pain of a skills shortage during what will continue to be a hyper-competitive and hyper-active year for big data.

Which approach do you think will win the greatest adoption? Who is going to build the next generation of data solutions?

The above data bullets are from 2014 IT Spending Intentions, you can download an infographic here: http://bit.ly/1kdxU05

Topics: Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI Cloud Services & Orchestration