Why Companies Need to Protect Their Employees’ Corporate Identities (Video)

Bowker_Oltsik_Corp_Identity.jpgMore and more people are proactively protecting their personal identities. But it’s not only individuals that must take steps to keep their identities safe. Companies must also be vigilant about protecting corporate identities. Between fraud and identity theft, and bad actors committing nefarious acts while impersonating a company’s CEO, the integrity of a company can easily be compromised.

It’s important for companies to look across the organization to know what their employees are doing online, and the type of data they’re accessing. Today, we’re seeing a number of organizations stepping up to the plate--most of them are protecting the identities of key employees--since these are the people who would have access to highly confidential data.

In this video, my colleague Jon Oltsik and I talk about one of our favorite topics of late –identity – specifically, why companies need to protect their employees' corporate identities.

Stay tuned to hear more from Jon and me on this topic.

Topics: Cybersecurity Enterprise Mobility