Why Copy Data Management Matters

My article for this month’s TechTarget column is on “Why Copy Data Management Matters.”

In ESG’s Archive & Backup Convergence research, we found that a majority of IT organizations are either using or looking at solutions that managed the “copy data” within their environment:


Today’s data protection infrastructure (DPI) is getting harder to cost justify and scale, especially with production and secondary storage growing around 40% YoY, while budgets are growing are far smaller rates.  Because of that, organizations really have two choices:

  1. Increase the ROI of your DPI by enabling other scenarios besides just “data restoration.”
  2. Reduce the cost of your DPI by reducing the # of copies and storage footprint.

Both of these solutions are predicated on:

  • A smarter way to combine backups, snapshots, replication, and archival functionality in a way that retains the right versions while reducing the overall storage required.
  • A richer catalog, which provides better awareness of what copies you have, so that your system(s) can better determine which copies you need (or don’t).

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