WiFi Calling: In the enterprise (part 2)

phoneWith WiFi about to take off, enterprises can look forward to improved indoor calling, but they need to prepare to support it.

In my last post, I described what WiFi calling is and the benefits it offers. I also looked at some of the issues it may pose in the enterprise. In this post, I’ll examine ways that enterprises can prepare for the adoption of WiFi calling.

WiFi calling has a lot of potential in the enterprise, where some employees no longer hand out their landline numbers to associates or include them on business cards, and are increasingly relying solely on mobile phones. Yet, at times, they have to pace about in parking lots (sometimes in the rain) or cluster by windows just to get a signal. Other times, they suffer through dropped calls or jittery voice quality.

However, while some may view WiFi calling as an almost free solution that solves indoor calling problems at little to no cost by leveraging existing infrastructure, it’s not that simple. Here’s why...

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