Windows 8 Looks to Ignite Developer Opportunity

If you haven’t had a chance to look at or even try out Windows 8 Metro applications, you should. I have been running Windows 8 for a few months and while most of the applications on the Windows Store are good demo apps and lack some functionality, the platform is extremely promising.

Microsoft has some real interesting market timing with the onslaught of tablets, smartphones, and a Windows OS refresh. If Microsoft can ignite the developer community, they have an awesome opportunity to infiltrate the business marketplace. They have already built a developer and partner ecosystem team comprised of thousands of people that have held ~5,000 Windows RT app workshops and claim to have trained over 200,000 developers.

Business should be thinking about applications and how they can improve employee productivity and lines of communication with Windows RT apps. From what I have experienced thus far, having one device with all my applications including personal apps accessible on a single easy to use device is the way to go.

Topics: Enterprise Mobility