Wrap-Up on Backup from EMC World 2014 -- Part I, Products

During EMC World 2014 in Las Vegas last month, I had the chance to visit with several EMC product managers on what was announced from a product perspective, as well as overall data protection strategy. Enjoy the video:





For such a broad range of products within the EMC DP portfolio, it is impressive that while each product continues to innovate on its own, it is obvious that they are doing so in alignment with each other -- and with a clear and unifying vision of meeting customers' overall data protection needs.

As always, thanks for watching.

Video Transcript

Jason Buffington: Hi my name is Jason Buffington. I am with ESG, and I am covering EMC World 2014. Specifically I want to look at all things data protection that EMC and its partners were talking about this week, and to do that I asked a few of my friends to help me out.

Phil George: Hey I am Phil George and I am coming to you live from EMC World, at EMC's Data Protection and Availability division. I think that the three things that are resonating most with our customers have been one, all workloads can now be sent from Avamar to Data Domain. Where you can now have workloads at a remote office or desktops and laptops. Of course we cover NAS file systems, and all of our databases. Get that high efficiency through DD Boost to our protection storage platform Data Domain systems.

The second key takeaway is certainly around our integration with VMware. This year we introduced the Avamar plugin for V-Cloud Director. And V-Cloud Director is the orchestrator on the public cloud side. Again, the key basis of V-Ches, the V-Cloud hybrid services. We have actually built in the Avamar backup and recovery capabilities, optimized for VMware, built that right into the V-Cloud director. So now you can set up policies and templates and take advantage of putting those services, those backup recovery services, right into your V-apps.

The third key takeaway, has been a very popular thing here is how we are backing up Isilon, our scale out NAS, again, one fs, very large, scaleable, innovate capability. We are going to parallelise how we do that, by taking one fs and putting it into four separate buckets, and using multi streaming out, de-duplication through put NDMP accelerator to get the most efficient backups for our Isilon scale out NAS.

Caitlin Gordon: We got a lot of exciting new updates from a protection storage standpoint. We have the release of DD boost for our enterprise apps, just like we had DD boost for Oracle R-man, we now have DD boost for SAP, SAP Hana, Microsoft SQL server, as well as IBM db2. All of that is about empowering application owners, basis admins DBAs to do their own backup from their native utilities It's really that data protection as a service model.

The other side is, really from a platform standpoint with DDOS 5.5 we now have secure multi tenancy. So for multi tenant environments, like an enterprise offering IT as a service, or a service provider, we can now enable that logical data isolation on the Data Domain, and with multiple DD boost users, that secure data access at the same time. Again, all about data protection as a service.

Alex Almeida: Hi this is Alex here. We're in the data protection availability booth, and we are here talking about the data protection continuum. Backup is just one aspect of that continuum. Also in that spectrum is the coverage from snapshot workflows into the longer term retention. Networker especially and Networker 8.2 we have announced and we are talking about here, the ability and support for snapshot management, natively for both block and file, so clearly support for VNX, NetApp, and even Isilon file-based NetApp snap management. Covering the continuum to be able to do recoveries for shorter RTOs that you need to do, but then able be able to take those snaps and leverage them for longer term retention.

Charlie Kraus: Hi this is Charlie Kraus from VPLEX product marketing. I want to talk to you about two new exciting things that are new this week at EMC World for VPLEX. The first is a new Metro Point topology. This allows VPLEX and RecoverPoint to work together in a three-site continuous availability and protection scheme that gives the user a single data recovery instance and foolproof backup in case of any failure. The other is a virtual edition of VPLEX, called VPLEX virtual edition. This allows you to deploy VPLEX's software only in an ESX environment with all the same protection and availability features that you get with appliance-based VPLEX. Together this product with RecoverPoint virtual edition, allows you to have a really good, solid software only, defined viper-controlled environment. So your data is always continuously available 24/7, no fail.

Jason Buffington: In the ancient world they used to say that all roads lead to Rome. Well at EMC World 2014 it seems like all data protection paths lead to Data Domain. It's not so much where they're going to, but really where they're coming from that's really interesting. And whether you are talking about databases, or virtualization or block and file workloads, it seems like the main story is around all the different ways data goes into protection storage. The rest of it's really just around the management of the experience and the implementation details. It's been a good week.


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