'Xtrem' Focus on Solid-state at EMC World

I'm in Vegas, embroiled (though luckily not broiled, I'm staying in the a/c!) at EMC World and one of the most notable things has been the range and extent of EMC's reach into IT. From servers and big data analytics to open source cloud and collaboration tools, it's a big smorgarsbord! I'll package up some thoughts in a blog once I get back to the real world.

Yet, to comment for now, even within one specific area there can be a whole range of choice - perhaps nowhere is this more so for EMC than in its use of solid-state storage. The company has a wide range of both existing and imminent options, augmented by the recent acquisition of XtremIO (an all-flash storage-side array) and an early-event-reveal of the much-hyped 'Thunder' (an all-flash server-side system), both of which are in the test phase.

I'm pulling this out to mention now for two reasons:

  1. It reminded me that there's still a lot of education and explanation to be done around the types and value of various solid-state implementations. The ESG contribution to help with this is a recent Market Landscape Report that's available here, and that covers the various motivations, deployment times, and application suitabilities of multiple types of solid-state.
  2. Those of you either at EMC World - or perhaps with colleagues attending - should attend Steve Duplessie's 'Flash De-constructed' keynote this Thursday morning. If you miss it (perhaps you're not in Las Vegas or you don't read this until after the event) then revert to point #1 above!
Topics: Storage IT Infrastructure