To find more value from constantly growing data sets and to become more data-driven, organizations are prioritizing big data and data analytics initiatives. Companies must be able to quickly, easily, reliably, and securely process, merge, transform, and transact with data to derive value and insights at the real-time speed of the business, whether that data is structured data from a traditional database, unstructured data from a social media platform, sensor data from an oil rig, or the untapped potential in the troves of data available within a data center or from thousands of devices at the edge.


Infographic, The Path to Data Leadership: Embracing Business Intelligence to Achieve Data-driven Success

Business intelligence is the key to data-driven success according to new ESG research—with organizations on the leading-edge of data analytics usage revealing they enjoy a variety of competitive advantages. See the data behind these trends and more with this free infographic.


Data-LeadershipResearch Report: The Path to Data Leadership: Embracing Business Intelligence to Achieve Data-driven Success

This report takes a deep dive into the embedded analytics market to discover:

  • Organizational dynamics around business intelligence
  • The people involved in BI purchasing and use
  • Challenges inhibiting more BI usage
  • The business benefits of embedded analytics
  • Advantages enjoyed by Data Leaders




Mike Leone

Principal Analyst

Research Coverage
Data Platforms, Analytics, and Artificial Intelligence

Senior Analyst Mike Leone leads coverage of data platforms, analytics, and AI for the Enterprise Strategy Group. In his analyst role, Mike draws upon his enthusiasm for bleeding edge technology as well as his engineering and marketing backgrounds to help enterprise technology vendors improve everything from go-to-market strategies to product development. Mike has a strong technical background with early roles in software/hardware engineering and gradually moved into marketing roles by helping translate deep technical concepts into understandable business benefits.




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