End User Computing

End user computing strategies are a mutual priority across business executives, IT professionals and security operations. Alternative desktop delivery and consumption models have swiftly created an urgency to optimize user experience, productivity, and endpoint protection. As such, it is incumbent on IT organizations to respond to end user computing, unified communication, collaboration, providing a secure yet rich consumer-like user experience. This segment researches what it takes to deliver, manage, and optimize digital workspaces through both IT and end-user lenses. Enterprise Strategy Group examines new collaboration and communication solutions, secure workspace delivery models, desktop-as-a-service (DaaS) and virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) trends, and digital workspace experience monitoring and analytics.


Infographic: Digital Workspace Strategies in an Increasingly Remote Worker World

The business response for remote work challenged IT business continuity plans, created new risks, and impacted technology decisions. This created the ideal conditions for pursuing or expanding alternate endpoint strategies.

Find out how these shifts affect hosted desktop plans and the remote work experience with this infographic.




Gabe Knuth

Senior Analyst

Research Coverage
End User Computing, Unified Communication and Collaboration

Gabe Knuth covers End User Computing and Unified Communications for Enterprise Strategy Group. Having held positions as an independent industry analyst, blogger, and speaker, along with roles in both IT administration and in vendor product groups, Gabe has spent his entire career at the very center of End User Computing.

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