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With IT in a considerable state of flux (think of the increase, integration, and intricacies of cloud, mobility, big data, and consolidation), having easy access to—and guaranteed availability of—ever-increasing volumes and types of data is paramount to every workload and every IT user. Storage has moved from a key supporting role in prior paradigms to center-stage protagonist in the drama of contemporary IT. Leading IT organizations understand that data is at once their DNA, lifeblood, and soul, yet they can’t afford for it to be an anchor. Hence, vendors and IT users alike are focused on delivering a highly accurate, reliable, protected, and cost-effective data stream. Tools such as flash, object storage, [hyper]converged platforms, and architectures built with cloud and software-definition make up the plethora of storage solutions aimed at spiraling expectations. This makes for a beguiling and obfuscated landscape. ESG’s experience- and research-backed insights will help you optimally utilize storage to support a breadth of IT and business objectives while prioritizing complex cost-constraint demands.


ESG Research Report: Data Storage Trends in an Increasingly Hybrid Cloud World

This enterprise storage market report offers insights into:

  • The business value of data analytics
  • Hyperconverged and software-defined solution trends
  • Public cloud infrastructure perceptions
  • Modern hybrid cloud strategies
  • The top benefits of flash adoption




Mark Peters

Practice Director & Senior Analyst

Research Coverage
Cross-platform strategic focus areas

ESG Senior Analyst Mark Peters is focused on all types of storage systems, virtualized storage, multiple solid-state media, and the emerging opportunities represented by both software-defined storage and converged systems.

Scott Sinclair

Senior Analyst

Research Coverage
Storage: Storage Systems and Software

ESG Analyst Scott Sinclair has a proven history in both the storage and data protection industries.

Paul Nashawaty

Senior Analyst

Research Coverage
Infrastructure Modernization, Application Modernization

Senior Analyst Paul Nashawaty covers infrastructure modernization and application modernization at ESG. Paul has extensive knowledge in digital transformation initiatives across front-end and back-end systems as well as the supporting infrastructure ecosystem that supports these efforts. Paul brings more than 25 years of experience in delivering go-to-market strategies, including identifying new routes to market, expanding and developing partner ecosystems, and achieving positive business results through execution of strategic plans.




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