ESG Research Report:

Data Protection Cloud Strategies

December 2016 | Jason Buffington

 59% of current cloud-based backup service users have had to recover more than just a single data file from their service provider in the last year."

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Considerations for Organizations Seeking to Utilize Cloud Services as Part of Their Data Protection Strategy

ESG surveyed 370 North American IT professionals representing midmarket (100 to 999 employees) and enterprise-class (1,000 employees or more) organizations in order to explore their perspectives on and preferences for the various uses of cloud-based services as part of data protection strategies. All respondents were IT professionals familiar with and/or responsible for data protection technology decisions for their organization, specifically around those data protection and production technologies that may leverage cloud services as part of the solution.

Based on the data collected from this survey, ESG concludes that:

  • “The cloud” is and should be part of most IT transformation conversations.
  • Data survivability is consistently recognized as the top functional driver for adding cloud services.
  • When you modernize production (into a cloud), you must modernize protection.
  • IT operations teams assume more data protection responsibilities in an increasingly cloudy world.
  • Organizations should not assume that cloud application or infrastructure services protect their data in the same way they do.

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