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ESG Gives Back: Caring for Carcinoid Foundation

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About the Caring for Carcinoid Foundation:

The mission of the Caring for Carcinoid Foundation (CFCF) is to discover cures for carcinoid cancer, pancreatic neuroendocrine cancer, and related neuroendocrine cancers. CFCF also works to eliminate the suffering of patients, families, and caregivers affected by neuroendocrine cancers.

Since its inception, CFCF has awarded over ten million dollars in research grants to leading scientists at renowned research institutions. Along with its focus on research, CFCF is committed to supporting patients, families, friends, and caregivers by providing them with complete and up-to-date information.  

A personal appeal:

Mark Bowker, ESG Senior Analyst
Mark Bowker
ESG Senior Analyst

Life begins beyond your comfort zone. Live or wonder. I am fortunate enough to be able to bounce outside my comfort zone and capture life through fantastic adventures and the pursuit of dreams that continue to pour in amazing experiences for me and my family.

Our close family friend Suzie Satterfield was forced outside of her comfort zone and exposed to a side of life that tested her internal strength, courage, and perspective on life when she was diagnosed with metastatic carcinoid cancer back in March of 2008 and was re-diagnosed on November 1, 2012.

Suzie is a true testament of how precious life is and although she has had to persevere through extremely difficult times and continues to fight a battle, she lives life outside her comfort zone every day with a smile and passion to win.

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