Reimagining Digital Events

Large, in-person customer and partner events have been swept off the calendar due to the social distancing mandates set to protect the public from the spread of COVID-19. Businesses are attempting to deliver similar levels of experience and engagement by transitioning to digital events, with mixed results thus far.

For practical guidance on crafting inspiring, informative, and constructive virtual events that are enhanced (not hindered) by digital mediums, watch our video series and download the freely available content from the experts at ESG below.

Content and Tone



Event Scale



Event Purpose



Content Delivery



Embrace the Medium



On-Demand Focus



Digital Event Platforms



Attendee Engagement



The Future of the IT Industry


Channel Partner Considerations


ESG Brief: Two Rules for Creating Engaging Digital Events

ESG has gathered thoughts, critiques, and recommendations on what works as well as less-effective features for digital events thus far. This paper consolidates those thoughts into two high-level recommendations for IT vendors to consider when planning digital events.


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 Video is a proven, powerful, and persuasive marketing tool. It's a great complement to written content, is suitable for any audience, training sales teams, explaining sales solutions to prospective customers, or delivering thought leadership to promote brand equity.”
Mark Peters, Principal Analyst & Practice Director