ESG Brief: The Decision to Embrace Decision Analytics


Decision management and analytics represent the next frontier in application development. While conventional language-based development tools have served us well and will continue to do so for mainstream IT needs, the opportunity in applied IT comes by looking beyond the incremental utility of process and workflow automation. Simple problems are best addressed by simple solutions and this is where language and process-led solutions are an ideal match. But complicated and complex problems represent higher-value IT use cases and are difficult to solve with process-led tools. This is where decision-led and analytic-led tools define the art of the possible and enable solutions that have the potential to be game changing. What’s even more remarkable is that while these decisioning and analytic tools can deliver very sophisticated solutions, they do not levy unusual demands on the user and in many cases result in less code being developed. Read on to better understand the role of decision analytics in complicated and complex problem solving and how to move beyond your current process-led application portfolio.

Topics: Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI Cloud Services & Orchestration

ESG Research Report: The Visibility and Control Requirements of Cloud Application Security


ESG’s cloud security research was designed to gain insights into the awareness of, requirements for, and future plans with regard to cloud security. Participating organizations were required to be using cloud services in production, with individual respondents responsible for or highly familiar with their company’s cloud security requirements, challenges, and subsequent plans. Survey participants represented a wide range of industries including manufacturing, financial services, health care, communications and media, retail, government, and business services. For more details, please see the Research Methodology and Respondent Demographics sections of this report.

Topics: Cybersecurity

ESG Research Report: Security, Productivity, and Collaboration: Trends in Workforce Mobility


In order to assess the state of corporate endpoint and mobile computing environments, including the types of devices and applications supported, IT policies and procedures related to the usage of these devices and applications, and even the prevalence of or plans for holistic enterprise mobility strategies, ESG surveyed 395 IT decision-makers at midmarket (100 to 999 employees) and enterprise-class (1,000 employees or more) organizations in North America.

Topics: Enterprise Mobility

ESG Brief: Microsoft Wins the Office Productivity Game Regardless of the Venue


Microsoft Office has been the dominant player in the office productivity application space for as long as anyone can remember. However, organizations continue to move horizontal applications to the cloud, with email and office productivity applications often at the forefront of these SaaS endeavors. Will this serve to loosen Microsoft’s iron grip on office productivity or will they just shift their supremacy to the cloud?

Topics: Storage Enterprise Mobility Cloud Services & Orchestration