ESG Brief: Convergence Continues to Gain IT Traction


As a means of achieving more end-to-end infrastructure alignment across their virtualized environments, IT organizations are increasingly deploying converged and hyperconverged infrastructure technology. As factory integrated and pre-validated virtualized architecture solutions, converged/hyperconverged technology can help to simplify and speed up infrastructure deployments so that IT organizations can be more responsive to business needs.

Topics: Storage Networking Enterprise Mobility Cloud Services & Orchestration

ESG Brief: Amazon Web Services Usage Trends


ESG research indicates that the corporate usage of Amazon’s infrastructure (IaaS) and application development (PaaS) services continues to grow. But how do organizations view AWS as a long-term IT partner and, perhaps more importantly, how have these sentiments manifested themselves in the form of budget shifts away from traditional IT vendors?

ESG Brief: The Five 'Cs' of Data Protection


Sometimes in IT, innovations arise that, in hindsight, aren’t all that innovative. A new capability will often receive attention and consideration for a while before a competing vendor inevitably claims its product “has been providing that same capability for years.” In some cases, features that initially appeared to be true technology differentiators eventually devolve into commodity-level expectations.

Topics: Data Protection

ESG Brief: Aryaka and Global App Access


Aryaka announced it has closed another record quarter in Q1 2016, with 120% year over year growth, bringing it to a total three consecutive quarters of over 100% growth. In that time, it has also increased its customer base to over 400 active customers. With its emphasis on cloud network access in addition to software, Aryaka’s strategy of providing connectivity for global enterprises is resonating with its customers. It should continue to emphasize the strength of its SDN platform and Global SD-WAN model, which applies not only to global companies but also to all who desire connectivity and cost reductions.

Topics: Networking

ESG Brief: SQL Server 2016: Continuous Innovation


Even as many new databases are entering the market and seeking to meet unfulfilled needs, vendors with long established offerings continue to innovate and defend their territory from the upstarts. The challenge is to ensure that the old dogs learn new tricks to continue to support the ever-changing demands of the enterprise, without sacrificing the fundamental operational qualities that have matured over years of development.

Topics: Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI