ESG Brief: The Winds of Storage System Spending Change


According to a recent study of data storage system buyers, 95% of midmarket and enterprise organizations have been either maintaining a consistent year-over-year spending level for disk storage systems or even accelerating these investments. While there are undoubtedly significant changes on the horizon for the data storage industry, ESG’s research suggests that a number of these disruptive trends and forces are already affecting storage system spending.

Topics: Storage IT Spending Intentions

ESG Brief: The Importance of Securing Cloud Application Data


The broad adoption of cloud applications, often driven by a line of business outside of the visibility and control of corporate IT, provides organizations with compelling business agility, but also puts corporate data assets at risk. Organizations need purposeful security controls that embrace and enable the use of such cloud apps while also securing cloud-resident data with a rich data loss prevention (DLP) policy lexicon.

Topics: Cybersecurity

ESG Brief: Shining a Light on Shadow IT


The consumerization of IT, fueled by knowledge worker mobility and the prevalence of cloud applications, has created the conditions for line-of-business owners and even individual employees to commission and use business applications not sanctioned by corporate IT groups, a phenomenon commonly referred to as shadow IT. Recent ESG research shows that nearly two-thirds of enterprise organizations are aware of at least a moderate amount of non-IT-sanctioned cloud application usage. This is a trend that ESG believes will continue to grow at a problematic rate.

Topics: Cybersecurity Enterprise Mobility

ESG Brief: IT Transformation Vendors: Feast or Famine


In the IT market, those who are actively developing and selling solutions tend to be far in front of those who actually buy and implement them. It is difficult for many to consume the advanced technologies available to them, no matter how much better they appear—or how much they can help.The big SMART vendors know that it is inevitable that they must drive the new cloud-based, subscription consumption model—or risk going the way of the dinosaur. The less than smart vendors keep on pushing the old way of doing things.

Topics: Storage Networking

ESG Brief: Windows 10 Gaining Traction in the Enterprise


The existing footprint of Microsoft operating systems and Windows applications is significant for many organizations, so it’s not surprising that many are either in the middle of or planning on upgrading to Windows 10. What is it about Microsoft’s latest OS that has corporate IT staffs aggressively upgrading company-provided devices?

Topics: Storage Enterprise Mobility