ESG Brief: Google Stackdriver: A Modern Multi-cloud Monitoring System


Google Stackdriver, now generally available after its beta period, provides monitoring, logging, and diagnostics for both Google Cloud and Amazon Web Services. Google Cloud’s open approach to hybrid monitoring is a solid strategy for assisting organizations that use multiple cloud providers. Google’s vision of providing insights rather than data is crucial to managing systems at scale. Google needs to invest in adopting additional platforms and focus on user experience to make this tool relevant for many end-user organizations.

Topics: Networking

ESG Brief: The Convergence of Cybersecurity and National Security in the 2016 Presidential Election


The 2016 U.S. presidential election has been fraught with hacking attempts, data breaches, and public exposure of confidential emails by whistleblower website WikiLeaks. These incidents, along with the general state of cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities, have cybersecurity professionals extremely concerned. According to ESG research, 94% of cybersecurity and IT professionals surveyed say that cybersecurity should be a top national security priority for the next administration.

Topics: Cybersecurity