ESG Brief: 2017 Data Analytics Spending Trends


IT spending for business intelligence (BI), analytics, and big data technology solutions will continue to accelerate in 2017. While more technology-savvy buyers are more focused on big data initiatives, most organizations continue to invest heavily in traditional BI tools, databases, data warehouses, and data preparation needs.

Topics: Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI IT Spending Intentions

ESG Brief: CoreOS Advances Container Tools with Self-driving Kubernetes Release


The recent Tectonic Summit by CoreOS brought several significant announcements. The move of Tectonic to a self-driving update model, which aligns the releases with the current branch, enables companies that use Tectonic to always be on the latest version of Kubernetes. This move, along with the offer of free Tectonic use on up to ten nodes, significantly lowers the barriers of entry for the use of commercial Kubernetes and reduces the concerns of staying current with new features. CoreOS’s moves should give enterprises looking for a commercial, supported Kubernetes distribution a very strong option.

Topics: Converged Infrastructure