ESG Brief: Perspectives on Readiness for and Impact of GDPR


With the May 2018 deadline a mere four months away, are organizations ready for the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)? According to ESG research, there is still work ahead. Many firms aren’t completely prepared and may have to make incremental technology purchases for GDPR compliance over the next few months. Furthermore, organizations need to button down their incident response plans so they are prepared to report breaches to supervisory authorities within 72 hours as stipulated by GDPR. To address the many GDPR challenges ahead, ESG recommends focusing on areas like data discovery/classification, identity and access management, encryption, and IR planning.

Topics: Storage Cybersecurity Data Protection Networking Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI Converged Infrastructure Enterprise Mobility Cloud Services & Orchestration

ESG Brief: Streamlining On-premises Infrastructure: Lessons from the Cloud


Traditional granular on-premises infrastructure deployments are continuing to face pressure from not only “direct” alternatives—such as converged and hyperconverged solutions—but also from the rising adoption of public cloud services. With public cloud increasingly integrated into the overall IT “mix,” it is not merely an alternative to the traditional on-premises norm; it is also providing lessons that can make the on-premises “2.0” world stronger.

Topics: Storage Converged Infrastructure Cloud Services & Orchestration

ESG Brief: 2018 Enterprise Mobility Spending Trends


Nearly half of midmarket and enterprise organizations plan to increase their 2018 spending on the software, services, and devices required to make their workforce more mobile. While a key benefit of these efforts is untethering employees from desks and offices, they also serve to expand the security perimeter IT staffs must heed. As such, mobility initiatives increasingly include a heightened focus on security and management.

Topics: Enterprise Mobility IT Spending Intentions

ESG Master Survey Results: Identity and Access Management


This Master Survey Results presentation focuses on how identity and access management strategies are evolving with more pervasive adoption of mobile and cloud technologies.

Topics: Cybersecurity Identity and Access Management Enterprise Mobility Cloud Services & Orchestration

ESG Brief: Ransomware: A Priority for 2018


While not a new type of cyberattack, ransomware’s prominence rose dramatically in 2016 and 2017, as a result of a number of high profile attacks that impacted operations at many organizations. Research conducted by ESG reveals that a majority of organizations experienced ransomware attacks in 2017, representing a concern for both business and IT leadership teams moving forward.

Topics: Cybersecurity

ESG Brief: Why and How to Protect VMs within Hyperconverged and Converged Infrastructures


Many of the most compelling hyperconverged and converged infrastructure solutions boast built-in data protection capabilities. For the purposes of this paper, the two architectures will be collectively considered and referred to as “HCI” unless specifically noted. Built-in data protection capabilities within some HCI offerings are often seen as differentiators and additional benefits of consolidating IT solution components versus using self-built and protected infrastructure. But does this mean that as organizations embrace HCI, traditional DP solutions’ relevance will fade? Not necessarily.

Topics: Data Protection Converged Infrastructure

ESG Brief: Data Protection Should Be Part of Your Systems Management Strategy


IT operations generalists are increasingly becoming the backup administrators of tomorrow, not because of career path choices but because protection and recovery tasks are naturally aligning with provisioning, managing, patching, and monitoring.

Topics: Data Protection Cloud Services & Orchestration