ESG Brief: The Cloud’s Connection to Copy Data Management


As enterprise organizations continue to expand how they use their data to maximize its potential value, they are increasingly looking to leverage data management and enablement (DM&E) or copy data management (CDM) solutions. The growing use of public cloud infrastructure, especially by those organizations leveraging services from multiple cloud providers, is driving the use of DM&E/CDM capabilities. ESG’s research indicates that the majority of businesses are using data management technology to orchestrate copies or re-use of data, and that cloud-based services and management are the leading drivers when it comes to these solutions.

Topics: Data Protection Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI Cloud Services & Orchestration

ESG Master Survey Results: Copy Data Management Trends


This Master Survey Results presentation focuses on understanding the business and technology drivers and obstacles with regard to copy data management, as well as feature and buying differentiators.

Topics: Data Protection Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI

ESG Brief: IoT’s Impact on the Network


As IoT devices play an increasingly important role in tracking supply chains, enabling smart cities, and delivering a differentiated shopping experience, it will be imperative to ensure your network and operations teams can handle the increased demand. Understand what your peers are reporting as the biggest impact of IoT on the network and operations and begin to ask the appropriate questions to ensure successful IoT initiatives and activities.

Topics: Cybersecurity Networking Enterprise Mobility

ESG Master Survey Results: Trends in Hybrid Cloud Security


This Master Survey Results presentation focuses on how organizations view the impact of hybrid and multi-cloud strategies on their cybersecurity priorities, processes, and technology purchases.

Topics: Cybersecurity Cloud Services & Orchestration

ESG Brief: 2018 Cybersecurity Spending Trends


IT spending for cybersecurity products and services continues to accelerate in 2018 as business and IT executives grapple with the dangerous threat landscape. Given the scope of the monetary and brand damage associated with data breaches and other security incidents, it is not surprising that cybersecurity continues to be treated as a business issue—rather than merely an IT priority—and budgeted appropriately.

Topics: Cybersecurity Cloud Services & Orchestration IT Spending Intentions

ESG Brief: Microsoft Cloud App Security: Detect, Control, and Enhance Threat Protection


ESG’s 2018 IT spending intentions research indicates that 63% of organizations will increase cybersecurity spending in 2018,1 and it’s safe to assume that data security concerns at least helped to influence these more bullish general security investment positions. Companies that do not want to fall victim to potentially disastrous situations are prioritizing investments in solutions such as Microsoft Cloud App Security. Microsoft shops are likely to find Cloud App Security a welcome enhancement to their environments.

Topics: Cybersecurity Enterprise Mobility Cloud Services & Orchestration

ESG Brief: The Next Wave of Cloud Applications


ESG research indicates that the corporate usage of public cloud computing in the form of cloud-based infrastructure services (i.e., IaaS), business applications (i.e., SaaS), and/or application development (i.e., PaaS) continues to grow. As organizations consider their hybrid cloud strategy—and specifically, decide what will remain on-premises and what will move to the cloud—what applications and workloads are the likeliest to be next to move to public cloud services?

Topics: Cloud Services & Orchestration

ESG Master Survey Results: Mobile Knowledge Worker Behavior


This Master Survey Results presentation focuses on the experiences mobile knowledge workers have when accessing digital assets, applications, and data, as well as the benefits, challenges, and opportunities for improvement those experiences bring about.

Topics: Enterprise Mobility