ESG Brief: Key Attributes of a Network Traffic Analysis Solution


Network traffic analysis (NTA) solutions have seen broad adoption across the industry as part of a holistic threat detection and response (TDR) program. There is general agreement regarding some of the core capabilities required in an NTA solution, but some disagreement around others. Analytics and threat intelligence integrations are essential components of any NTA solution. However, there is less clarity around managed services as they relate to NTA solutions.

Topics: Cybersecurity Networking

ESG Master Survey Results: Application and Email Security Trends


ESG’s Master Survey Results provide the complete output of syndicated research surveys in graphical format. In addition to the data, these documents provide background information on the survey, including respondent profiles at an individual and organizational level. It is important to note that these documents do not contain analysis of the data.

This Master Survey Results presentation focuses on the current processes for and technology approaches to securing business applications and email messaging platforms.

Topics: Cybersecurity Data Protection