ESG Brief: Public Cloud and Digital Transformation Initiatives for 2021


As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to be a challenge, businesses have shifted and ramped up focus on digital transformation initiatives. As such, the cloud promises greater operational efficiencies, collaboration, and customer experiences to accelerate this effort. This brief outlines how digital transformation initiatives continue to gain momentum with companies pursuing more aggressive public cloud spending and strategies.

Topics: Cloud Services & Orchestration

ESG Master Survey Results: Cybersecurity in the C-suite and Boardroom


ESG’s Master Survey Results provide the complete output of syndicated research surveys in graphical format. In addition to the data, these documents provide background information on the survey, including respondent profiles at an individual and organizational level. It is important to note that these documents do not contain analysis of the data.

This Master Survey Results presentation focuses on identifying the role of cybersecurity within the overall corporate mission and understanding the existing processes and communications between security managers, business executives, and corporate boards.

Topics: Cybersecurity

ESG Research Report: The Impact of XDR in the Modern SOC


Threat detection and response is a core component of modern security programs, driving investment in tools to improve visibility, efficacy, and efficiency. As organizations commit to and extend EDR, NDR, or other security analytics solutions in support of broad threat detection and response programs, new opportunities arise for XDR. Organizations can increase business agility when threats are better understood and controlled. Rapidly and effectively correlating alerts across multiple threat vectors leads to increased threat visibility, more rapid and automated response and mitigation, and a reduced dependence on highly skilled security analysts.

Topics: Cybersecurity MDR XDR

ESG Brief: Software-defined Storage for Containers and Clouds


StorageOS is looking to enable self-service, automated deployment, and scalability of software-defined storage (SDS) in a cloud-native approach.

Topics: Storage Converged Infrastructure