Infographic: Cloud Entitlements and Posture Management Trends


Organizations are moving applications to the cloud and embracing digital transformation strategies to speed development cycles and better serve employees, partners, and customers. However, the subsequent faster release cycles and broad internet exposure increase the number of potential security incidents caused by misconfigurations, so security teams are looking for efficient ways to drive actions that reduce those risks.

Learn more about these trends with the infographic, Cloud Entitlements and Posture Management Trends.

Topics: Cybersecurity

Infographic: The Buyer’s Journey to Integrated Solutions from Strategic Partners


Megatrends in the technology industry—highlighted by the need to address increased complexity vis-à-vis platform convergence and vendor consolidation while investing in digital transformation initiatives—set the stage for integrated partner solutions. While the demand for these solutions is strong, there can be challenges at every stage of the buyer’s journey.

Learn more about these trends with the infographic, The Buyer's Journey to Integrated Solutions from Strategic Partners.

Topics: Channel

Research Report: Managing the Endpoint Vulnerability Gap

Research Objectives

Requirements from widespread work-from-anywhere policies have escalated the need for endpoint management and security convergence. IT and security teams need broad management, prevention, detection, and response capabilities that span endpoint devices and operating environments that are often outside of their control, which is driving many to desire convergence between management and security capabilities to simplify implementation, ongoing management, and risk mitigation.

Topics: Cybersecurity End User Computing

Complete Survey Results: Multi-cloud Application Deployment and Decision Making

Research Objectives

  • Determine the strategy, process, personas, and considerations involved in multi-cloud application deployment and migration decisions.
  • Highlight the top considerations and factors that influence decision makers to shift away from their more common approach.
  • Identify how decision making is influenced by industry, location, and application.
  • Help technology and cloud vendors better communicate with and serve their customers with insights into their top priorities for applications.


Topics: Application & Infrastructure Modernization

Complete Survey Results: The Strategic and Evolving Role of Data Governance

Research Objectives

  • Determine the amount and value of data for a typical organization, and how this impacts data management activities like availability, usability, and security.
  • Connect the dots between the important elements of data governance like classification, placement, and compliance as ecosystems evolve and become more distributed.
  • Help overwhelmed IT organizations find the right combination of process and technology to solve their unique data governance challenges.
  • Identify data governance process and technology gaps that need to be addressed in vendor solutions.

Topics: Data Protection Data Analytics

Research Brief: Consolidating Unified Communication and Collaboration (UCC) Tools Can Solve IT Inefficiency and End-user Disengagement


As the hybrid workforce expands, employee communication and collaboration has become one of the highest priorities for organizations. This attention has led to an increase in the number of tools used to support UCC efforts and achieve business objectives. Because of this, customer environments are ripe for optimization through the use of cloud-based services and platform consolidation.

Topics: End User Computing Unified Communications

Complete Survey Results: Managed Detection and Response Trends

Research Objectives

  • Determine how, where, and why MDR services are used to support security programs.
  • Isolate specific MDR use cases, and the organizational profiles of those businesses that require them.
  • Understand what technology is expected from MDR and how organizations want to work together with MDR providers.
  • Establish if and what industry megatrends are impacting MDR provider selection.

Topics: Cybersecurity

Complete Survey Results: The Buyer’s Journey to Integrated Solutions from Strategic Partners

Research Objectives

Gauge current and planned adoption of integrated solutions.

Identify business and technology drivers for partner solutions.

Highlight the role of senior IT leadership in the buying cycle.

Determine objections and critical success factors for integrated solutions.

Assess the role of current vendor relationships in the buying process.

Topics: Cybersecurity Data Protection Networking Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI data management Application & Infrastructure Modernization Customer experience Infrastructure, Cloud and DevOps End User Computing IT operations Unified Communications

Research Report: The Cloud Data Security Imperative

Research Objectives

Digital transformation initiatives and remote work have further accelerated the migration of data assets to cloud stores. However, organizations are finding that sensitive data is now distributed across multiple public clouds. The use of disparate controls has led to a lack of consistent visibility and control, putting cloud-resident data at risk of compromise and loss.

Topics: Cybersecurity

Complete Survey Results: Digital Experience Platforms Trends

Research Objectives

Define the business benefits of digital transformation initiatives that help unlock organizational creativity and meet customer expectations.

Understand the use cases for and business value of digital experience platforms (DXPs).

Clarify the different DXP approaches to mitigate confusion in the market that can elongate sales cycles.

Recognize the current and future spending intentions for DXP based on the prioritization of digital transformation objectives.