Christina Richmond

Christina Richmond

Principal Analyst Christina Richmond covers cybersecurity services at ESG, drawing on more than 20 years in the technology industry. Christina has studied routes to market through channels and distribution alliances across the entire infrastructure spectrum and more recently managed a worldwide cybersecurity services research practice. From Delhi to Dublin and across North America, Christina enjoys sharing strategic guidance with companies ranging from startups to established enterprises, spanning vendors, large systems integrators, communication service providers, and consulting firms.

Recent Posts by Christina Richmond:

ESG Brief: Risk Management Services


Risk management services have existed for a long time but have traditionally focused more on business risk generally than security risk specifically. As corporate directors, boards, and executives see more damage done from cyber-attacks, the risk conversation has escalated. But performing cyber risk assessments is hard given architectural complexities, the migration to cloud, and the ever-advancing adversary.

Topics: Cybersecurity cyber risk management