Steve Duplessie

Steve Duplessie

Steve Duplessie, founder and senior analyst at ESG, is an internationally recognized expert in IT infrastructure technologies and markets. An acclaimed speaker and author, Steve’s insights have been featured in Time Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, The Financial Times, USA Today, China Daily, The Moscow Times, and many other print and online publications. Steve is a valued strategic advisor to many of the largest technology providers in the world, including IBM, HP, Dell, EMC, NetApp, HDS, Google, Amazon, Puppet, and other global IT organizations.

Recent Posts by Steve Duplessie:

ESG Research Report: Enterprise Resource Planning Ecosystem Trends


In order to gain insight into the current ERP landscape, including upgrade plans, business drivers, key features, purchase influencers, and deployment models, among others, ESG surveyed 193 qualified respondents at organizations in North America (US and Canada) personally responsible for their organization’s ERP systems and with significant knowledge of the associated plans and budgets.

Topics: Cybersecurity Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI Cloud Services & Orchestration