ESG Brief: Imanis Data Launches Version 4.0 and Delivers Machine Learning-based RPO


Hadoop and NoSQL workloads are pervasive in production environments and require enterprise-class data protection, yet few data protection solutions offer such capabilities. That’s the problem Imanis Data is zooming in on. Imanis Data is demonstrating that it is squarely focused on product execution and is putting its B-round of $13.5 million from earlier this year to good use. The recent announcement of v 4.0 introduces many new data protection features, including some innovative machine learning-based capabilities.


According to ESG research, 78% of surveyed organizations reported using NoSQL and/or NewSQL databases and an additional 18% reported planning to use or being interested in using them.1 However, very few solutions in the market provide comprehensive data protection/data management for these environments. In this announcement:

  • The company launches v 4.0 of the Imanis Data Management Platform.
  • The new version includes multiple enhancements such as:
    • Autonomous backup.
    • Any-point-in-time recovery for multiple NoSQL databases.
    • Enhanced ransomware prevention in Imanis Data ThreatSense, which integrates human feedback with machine learning-powered anomaly detection for applications, including ransomware prevention.
    • Interesting new capabilities that leverage machine learning to deliver the equivalent of an interactive and automated smart RPO dial: the Automated Any-Point-In-Time Recovery (APITR) for NoSQL, which promises complete recovery flexibility.


Imanis Data provides enterprise data management for Hadoop and NoSQL running on-premises or in the public cloud with a focus on the enterprise market. It is laser-focused on the aforementioned environments, which are underserved by traditional backup and recovery solutions—although traditional vendors are catching up as part of the “everything under one roof” approach, which offers advantages over running an additional specialized backup solution. Recent ESG research shows that many organizations are running multiple backup solutions, which bodes well for Imanis.2 Among those taking that approach, nearly one-quarter (24%) identified the fact that certain backup solutions are better suited for specific applications/workloads as the primary reason for employing a multi-vendor strategy.

Another interesting forward-looking data point from the same research provides a strong alignment with the company’s solution and its recent announcement, with organizations identifying technology trends they expect to be most disruptive to their data protection strategy over the next three years. According to Figure 1, the top culprits include cloud computing, artificial intelligence/machine learning capabilities, cybercrime, and big data workloads.

The Bigger Truth

Imanis is clearly at the forefront of the market with its focus on the flexible protection and migration of NoSQL and Hadoop, allowing permutations of on-premises and cloud movement/migration of these workloads including cross-NoSQL support.

With the addition of granular point-in-time recovery capabilities and a smart threat detection capability (remember that ransomware is now rampant on big data databases), the solution is “enterprise-grade.” The interface is also modern and clearly designed for the IT generalist, another good call by Imanis. The solution has a lot of orchestration capabilities built in, but it is the machine learning component that makes Imanis a lot more than a specialized backup player.

The autonomous RPO-based backup powered by machine learning is the “auto-magic” feature many users have been looking for, continuously adapting to meet the required RPO and providing recommendations to get there if you can’t. The key here is that orchestration alone is not necessarily enough: Users also need AI/ML (again, a trend that is confirmed by ESG).

We look forward to hearing from customers and seeing how this solution will perform in the market—the only true test of any solution. The next challenges for Imanis are marketing/sales execution and expanding its functional and platform coverage.

1. Source: ESG Brief, Market Disruption: Next-generation Databases, April 2017.
2. Source: ESG, Data Protection Landscape 2018, To be published October 2018.
Topics: Cybersecurity Data Protection Data Platforms, Analytics, & AI