ESG Brief: Shifting IAM Responsibilities to the Information Security Group


While mobile devices and cloud applications have provided organizations with numerous benefits including increased employee productivity, they have also created new challenges, many of which have security implications created from an expanded security perimeter. This includes the need to update traditional approaches to identity and access management (IAM) in an increasingly mobile and cloudy world, from tools deployed through policies written to the involvement of security groups in these activities. Organizationally, aligning IAM strategies with the information security group is a best practice businesses should adopt to take control of how fractured IAM has become.

Topics: Enterprise Mobility Cloud Services & Orchestration Cybersecurity Identity and Access Management

ESG Master Survey Results: Identity and Access Management


This Master Survey Results presentation focuses on how identity and access management strategies are evolving with more pervasive adoption of mobile and cloud technologies.

Topics: Cloud Services & Orchestration Cybersecurity Enterprise Mobility Identity and Access Management