ESG Brief: Strategic Shifts in the Application Delivery Controller (ADC) Market


Growing numbers of organizations are adopting modern application platforms, distributing and securing them across data centers and multiple public cloud environments. ESG conducted research to determine how those changes have impacted application delivery controller (ADC) deployments. The results indicate that organizations are expecting ADCs to evolve with emerging application and cloud technologies and deliver new capabilities that enable them to more efficiently manage, optimize, and secure their distributed environments.

Topics: Networking Cloud Services & Orchestration network security

ESG Brief: Aruba Edge Services Platform (ESP): AI-powered Automation and Protection at the Edge


With the edge adding to the complexity of IT, organizations need a simple, cost-effective solution to extract valuable insights from immense amounts of data and, at the same time, protect the business. Aruba’s recently announced AI-powered, unified edge services platform (ESP for short) incorporates intelligence and security, helping improve agility and network visibility, boosting security at the edge, and enhancing the user experience.

Topics: Cybersecurity Networking network security