Master the nuances of technology trends and market dynamics to drive swifter sales, more targeted marketing, and expertly pointed development efforts with ESG Custom Market Research Services.


Data-driven insights are critical to informing your business decisions regarding emerging markets, corporate strategy, product direction, marketing campaigns, competitive advantage, and customer and partner satisfaction.

Determine the scope and goals of your research study with ESG’s expert guidance, and we’ll execute the project to deliver actionable intelligence. Examples of how to use these services include:

  • Gain insights into the dynamics affecting a market opportunity with Market Validation Studies that range from in-depth interviews with CIOs to global quantitative surveys comprising thousands of respondents.

  • Develop the personas that empower sales and marketing to grow relationships with specific stakeholders with Buyer Persona Studies.

  • Validate the high-priority functionality that customers need from a technology to refine product roadmaps and messaging with Product Requirement Studies.

  • Examine point-in-time and longitudinal views of your brand based on attributes such as awareness, value, innovation, reliability, and customer loyalty to find out how the market views your organization with Brand Sentiment Studies.

  • Prioritize strategic initiatives using data about customer satisfaction from baseline surveys or multifaceted customer-base analyses with Customer Sentiment Studies.

  • Determine what factors are accelerating or inhibiting channel partner success and commitment with Channel Partner Sentiment Studies.

  • Collect “voice of the customer” research to lend quantifiable credibility to company positioning, strategic direction, product launches, and other announcements with Thought Leadership Studies.

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John McKnight

Executive Vice President, Research and Analyst Services

John McKnight leads ESG’s analyst team and is responsible for all analyst services and market research operations. Under his leadership, ESG has become an established, respected, and trusted provider of research and advisory services, strategic consulting, and custom content solutions for the global IT community.

Adam Demattia

Director, Custom Research

Adam is the Director of Custom Research, contributing to primary quantitative and qualitative research efforts across the broad spectrum of ESG coverage areas, from project definition to completion.

Jennifer Gahm

Senior Project Manager, Market Research

Jennifer Gahm is a senior project manager and a member of the ESG Market Research team. In this role, she assists ESG analysts and researchers in creating, producing, and promoting qualitative and quantitative market research.

Bill Lundell

Director, Syndicated Research

Bill Lundell is ESG’s Director of Syndicated Research. He oversees the firm’s many qualitative and quantitative market research projects, and he is a key driver of the data-analysis and content-creation processes associated with many ESG engagements.

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