ESG Video Services

Enhance the value of ESG White Papers and Validation Reports even further with compelling and professional video content. Watch this video to learn how ESG Videos can deliver your message in a more impactful way.

Watch the examples below to see how ESG can help deliver your message!

ESG Whiteboard Video: Distill complex concepts with whiteboard animation components and the insights of an ESG analyst.

ESG Lab Video: Shine a spotlight on the key takeaways from an ESG Lab Report.


ESG360 Video: Feature a discussion between two ESG analysts, or an ESG analyst and a representative of your technology with a three-camera shoot as in the example below.

ESG Video Briefs: Convey your high-level messaging with the support of ESG research and analysis.

ESG Graphics-only Video: Deliver your message even when viewers have the sound off using a video with graphics and no voiceover narration as in the example below.