Provide independent proof that your technology solution delivers on its advertising promises with world-class validation services from ESG. Your solution’s most compelling traits and clear indications of why they matter to the IT decision maker are succinctly revealed through ESG Technical Validations, or you can shine a spotlight on the quantifiable value of your solution with ESG Economic Validations.

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Brian GarrettBrian Garrett

Vice President, Validation Services

Brian is committed to providing independent validation and analysis of the technical and economic benefits of emerging technologies throughout the IT industry. The values he strives to instill in his team are a customer-centric approach to ESG’s relationships and empathy with the end-users who rely on ESG’s guidance in purchase decisions.

Vinny ChoinskiVinny Choinski

Senior IT Validation Analyst

Vinny provides independent validation and analysis of emerging technology solutions. Vinny came to ESG in 2010, bringing with him more than 20 years of experience in data storage design and management, including developing an end-user-tailored delivery methodology for data protection, virtualization, and storage architecture solutions.

Kerry DolanKerry Dolan

Senior IT Validation Analyst

Kerry’s objective is to always generate concise and compelling insights into IT solutions across multiple industries. With more than 15 years of storage industry experience and a background in product marketing, Kerry is acutely aware of how to translate messaging into real-world consequences and advantages.

Aviv KaufmannAviv Kaufmann

Senior IT Validation Analyst

Aviv uses his education in engineering and technology and background as a competitive and performance analyst to generate robust independent validations of emerging IT hardware and software products. He is especially skilled at finding technical and economic models that illustrate product value.

Tony PalmerTony Palmer

Senior IT Validation Analyst

Tony uses his critical mind to ensure the independent validations he produces provide a clear analysis of the advantages of and important considerations for IT solutions. Tony has more than 30 years of field experience supporting networking, systems, and storage vendors in numerous presales and technical marketing roles.

Jack PollerJack Poller

Senior IT Validation Analyst

Jack covers the technical aspects of cybersecurity, storage, cloud, and networking by drawing on 25 years of industry experience across a range of enterprise IT products and markets. From consulting startups to developing 3D graphics, storage, and networking systems, it’s hard to find a part of IT that Jack isn’t familiar with.

Alex ArcillaAlex Arcilla

Senior IT Validation Analyst

Alex helps clients to uncover the business value of their solutions via technical and economic validations. With a sturdy foundation in both technical and marketing roles throughout the IT industry as well as an education in engineering and statistics, Alex can see through the chaos to the most important functional aspects of technology.

Nathan McAfeeNathan McAfee

IT Validation Analyst

Nathan helps companies understand and quantify the economic impact of change. Nathan uses a value-based approach, which considers the entire decision-making process. With over 20 years experience in economic validation, his work has provided guidance and clarity to companies of all sizes. Prior to joining ESG, Nathan held a variety of roles which helped hone his focus on the decision-making process.

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